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Questions about popping

How to pop popcorn at home?

Popcorn popcorn at home is super easy, and anyone can do it!  You only need four things:

  • A suitably large pot with a lid

  • Popcorn corn

  • Grease or oil for popping

  • Salt

How to do it (see video below):

  1. Take a portion bag of fat in the pan (approx. 50 g.) And screw  plates  on high heat.

  2. Pour in approx. 1.5 dl corn in the pot (corn should only  cover an even layer in  bottom of the pan) + a small teaspoon of seasoning salt. Stir so that  the ingredients mix and put on the lid.

  3. When you hear that it starts to take longer between each popping  the popcorn is done and you can turn off the heat. Pull the pan aside and let the popcorn cool down a bit before serving.


NB! Shake the pan during popping to prevent the corn from burning in the bottom of the pan.

Slik lager du kinopopcorn hjemme!
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Can I use cooking oil for popping?

No. Use only suitable fats  for popping and which can withstand high heat. If you do not have popcorn fat available, you can use regular Delfia fat from the grocery store.

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